Proposed Project

Jamison Services, Koreatown's largest property owner, plans to construct a mixed-use high-rise complex on the grassy lot adjoining Wilshire Park Place. The proposed development, dubbed 3700 Wilshire, is slated for an approximately 3.2-acre property between Serrano and Oxford Avenues.  The completed project would include an approximately 36-story tower and stand alone retail buildings totaling 506 residential units and approximately 62,000 square feet of shops and restaurants.

Architecture firm CallisonRTKL has designed the proposed tower as a modern glass and steel edifice, featuring one, one-, two- and three-bedroom dwellings above a parking podium.  Other planned features include LED signage, a fitness center, a swimming pool and a 34th floor sky lounge and amenity deck. At approximately 400 feet in height, the building would be among the tallest structures in the Mid-Wilshire skyline.

To the west, along Oxford Avenue, the high-rise tower would give way to a series of two-story structures containing the bulk of the project's retail and restaurant space.  Pedestrian access and outdoor seating would be provided by a series of landscaped paseos cutting through the property.

미주 한인 최대 부동산 개발사인 ‘제이미슨 서비스’가 LA 한인타운 윌셔와 옥스포드 남서쪽 코너에 위치한 윌셔 팍 플레이스 11층 오피스 건물(3700 Wilshire Bl. LA) 앞 녹지 광장에 신축할 계획인 36층 고층 주상복합 건물의 조감도가 8일 공개됐다. 2020년 완공을 목표한 하는 이 프로젝트는 506개 거주용 유닛과 함께 실내면적 6만2,000스퀘어피트 규모의 독립 상가건물로 구성된다. 그러나 이같은 개발 계획에 대해 많은 주민들이 교통체증과 주차문제와 함께 한인타운 내 사실상 유일무이한 녹지공간이 사라진다고 반발하고 있어 귀추가 주목된다